Our Pilot Study Centre, based in Italy, manages the operations of the two coordination units and works closely with the Product and Marketing departments of individual customers, for which personalized and customized projects are developed.

The experience accumulated over the years spent in contact with the World of Fashion and Packaging, allowed us to acquire the knowledge of multiple Noble materials and composites, enabling us to create objects pleasing to the eye and to the touch in different shapes and structures. Our Production Units are capable of operating in terms of both Handmade Creativity and Industrial Intensity. Materials such as Leather, Fabrics, Wood, Paper, Metal, Thermoformed, and Laminates, have no more secrets for us. The search for innovative materials and environmentally friendly solutions is combined with the continuous development of new technologies covering also the optimization of cost and efficiency. In our laboratories, we make habitual use of industrial techniques such as Hot Foil Stamping, Screen Printing, Pad Printing, High Frequency, Laser engravings that, matched with craftsmanship in the art of carving and embroidery, enable us to satisfy any request for product customization.